How do you write your bios?

So I don’t have a bio on my profile but I see many of people with bios and I was wondering, how do you make your bio? I have no clue what to put in mine and I was curious,

what information do you put in it that makes you feel the bio is complete and well, you?

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Oh I thought this was RP stuf -


I would say, keep it fun/playful, quick and personal.
but it all depends on your personality.
how someone writes their profile can tell a lot.
someone who’s quick and short can either also be like that irl or is slightly more awkward as a person (or just didn’t have any inspiration at the moment).
Someone who has a bunch of random quotes and memes in them will probably also add those elements in a day to day conversation.

Mine for example is slightly playful but also serious, which is what I am.

also noticed I have a typo but I might just keep it there for people to just expect me to make a lot of typo’s :eyes:

Also, make sure the first 2 lines are the most clear.

when someone clicks on your icon, it will only show 2:
in my case:
Hi my name is Meeke and let me give you a Sneak peak of Meekepeek :wink: I’m the serious oddball who is alright with being a goof and I am the Smartest Fool.

but the full one is:
Hi my name is Meeke and let me give you a Sneak peak of Meekepeek :wink:

I’m the serious oddball who is alright with being a goof and I am the Smartest Fool you will ever meet. Feel free to talk to me I will always be a listening ear to everyone.

Slight warning: I may not always agree with you or tell you the things you want to hear, but I will always be honest and truthful.


I always kept my bio empty because I’m prettu closed off so when I came to write a bio I would always delete what I put because it seems like too much and can come off the wrong way but I realize everyone will have their assumptions, I just don’t know how I’d represent myself. :thinking: I let how I act do the talking.

But since I’d like to make a bio, I’ll take what you said into consideration.


they keep it short and you.
it’s part of self-reflection.

  • How do I see myself?
  • How do I want others to see me?
  • How do others actually see me?
  • How do I see others?

then pick the answers that return at least 2/4 or 3/4 :wink:

Here's an example of me:
  • How do I see myself?
    I see myself as hardworking but a dreamer, I know I’m often not realistic and need to become more down to earth. I have a lot os self doubt and hate looking weak. But I’m kind and peaceful, I can’t be mean even when I want to.
  • How do I want others to see me?
    I want people to know they are never alone. I want people to think they can come to me for anything and I sometimes wished people would either actually put the pressure on me I think they have, or I want me to not assume they have.
  • How do others actually see me?
    they usually call me serious, hardworking, kind, motivating and small. They call me shy and humble as well as insecure sometimes. They think I’m huggable and cute, most know I rarely get mad. I am a control freak but also lack discipline
  • How do I see others?
    I try to see the good in people, I will never let someone else’s - or my own judgment decide whenever or not I want to talk to someone or believe them. I always make the judgement of people myself and people deserve more than one chance.

I’m smart but sometimes a fool for being naive with people, I care and I want to help people and that’s what I put in my profile.

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Uhh I wrote mine when I was like, 17 or 16 so I think I should go back in time and ask myself


I think I’m pretty closed off as well, I don’t really like having to describe myself or explain who I am but I enjoy the aesthetic of creating a bio so I kept mine rather simple by picking a quote I resonate with c:

whatevers on my mind

or you could just remember like a normal person

Well, when I first made my bio, I just kind of introduced myself and mentioned my stories.
Then, I noticed people putting song lyrics into their bios, so I decided to do the same because sometimes, there are lyrics that simply resonate with me at the moment. :sunflower: :sunflower:


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Ahem anyway, I write something crec about Kazoozoo or just random stuff-

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I make sure it’s not cringey

I’m so bad at writing bios :sweat_smile: I never really know what to write. How much information is too much? And how do I make it feel like more than just a list of facts? I try to have a decent bio but I never really like it

@Discussions How do you write your bios?

I used to put a bunch of song lyrics and quotes and make it all colourful but now I don’t even do that :joy:

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I used to have this radio host intro introducing myself, my hobbies, and my stories, but now I’m so lazy lmao

I like for my bio to reflect my interests and who I am, and of course have a song reference in there, usually the one that relates the most to my current state of mind or circumstances.

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