How do your detailed characters look like?

Everyone describes their characters in their own way. The excerpt below is an example of how I describe my characters. I will show you three versions of my writing over the years.

First Time Writing
Describing a character in a dress

As I came out from behind the dressing screen Natasha, eyes widen when she saw me. The dress I had on was made of silver and blue silk brocade. It hugged tight to my figure and accented my legs. The sleeves started at the edge of my shoulder and snaked all the way down to both of my middle fingers.
Natasha leapt from the sofa squealing, “fabulous!” I started to blush but she pulled me over to the dresser that had at least ten masks on it. I looked at them all but only one matched perfectly to my dress.

Describing a character.

“I’ll leave you to relax for now.” I turned to see if he was leaving but he was already gone. Shock overwhelmed me and memories started to come back. However, it was the same ones as before. It was a snowy night and there was blood everywhere. A girl covered in blood, and there were slaughtered bodies surrounding her. Her eyes were silver with red circles in them. She had skin as white as snow; her bloody fangs were sticking out from under her lips.
Who is she? I thought. She seems so familiar to me, but I cannot figure out who she is, and why I have this supernatural connection with her.

Over the Years
Back in 2016

Falla moved forward and finished the chant, two seconds after she finished there was a loud screech. It was so loud that everyone had to cover his or her ears. Then in the closed crate, Jade watched from the shadows in horror as she watched the humans that held whatever kind of creature down. The humans had started to disintegrate and absorbed into the crate. The process was so gruesome because everything started to bleed and melt away until nothing was left and went into the creature in the crate. The screams subsided and for just a few seconds of silence were shattered, when the crate of the screeching wolf exploded. Falla smiled as the smoke drifted away to show a woman with long dark blue hair, her eyes were as blue as the ocean. Her body was slim and fit she had the body and face of an angel. The outfit she wore was a two-piece. The top started at her shoulder and stopped under her chest. The left just went around her torso. Her skirt started at the hip and had a split all the way down the left side. The skirt ended just a little bit below the knee.

Back in 2017

“It’s time to go.” She indicated the bus was stopped in front of the school. I looked at Harrington High School. It was the closest place to hell if you asked me. I got up and followed Sierra into the building. I accidently ran into someone in the hallway on my way to guidance for my junior class schedule. I looked at whom I ran into. I was facing big blue eyes on a girl with blue hair and pixie like features that looked very familiar.

Last year

The tavern door opened suddenly causing the figure to duck into an alley. Two men walked out laughing and talking loudly. The figure hid behind a pole in the alley and watched as the two loud men passed. They were so drunk, they didn’t notice they were being watched. Suddenly a light came on in the alley; now fully illuminated the cloaked figure was seen clearly by a child looking out the window in the alley. The child could clearly see, that the figure was a woman; the cloak parted enough to show that the cloaked woman was wearing a long dark green shirt with a royal purple corset. She also had on long skintight pants with knee high leather boots. There was a strap on her left leg that looked like it held a dagger like object. The cloaked woman looked up at the window; the child recoiled away from the window, as soon as he had saw her face.
Her eyes were an unnatural blue with silver pupils that spiraled through her iris. Her skin was golden-brown color and she had solid white hair with blue streaks. She didn’t look human and it scared the boy, but he couldn’t break eye contact with her either. The cloaked woman was the first to look away, she had a sad look in her eyes when she had noticed him. She looked down at the grown trying not to think about the scared look on the boy’s face. She knew that she didn’t look like a normal human. She was grateful that the boy couldn’t see her pointed wolf ears and her tail which were hidden underneath the cloak. She had travelled far to get away from those of who wanted her dead. The order wouldn’t let a supposed traitor get away. Even though, she wasn’t the traitor, her comrades turned on her for being a hybrid Blood Walker/Ice Dragon. Since the invaders that attacked the summit were blood walkers, they had immediately assumed she was in line with them.

Most Recent Writing I have done this year.
Update to my main novel series

The leader of the patrol was a black-furred wolf with a jagged scar across his left eye. The wound had blinded him during the old war with the Walkers but his right eye glowed a golden brown orb that showed he was a seasoned warrior. He was bigger than the average blood wolf standing at ten feet tall. His body was muscled from tail to his head. He was a bit more ragged-looking then the other wolves in his patrol. This snarled in frustration as he smelled a pack of Cadrin warriors over seven miles away.

Novel version of my Episode Story

The light of the sun rising gleaned through the window above the bed awakening the black sesame furball laying on the bed. Two little ears popped revealing a black and tan masked face that belongs to the dog that had been snoozing. He let a loud yawn while groaning as he began to sit upon the dark blue comforter. He stretched as he raised his but in the air to get the kinks out of his back. As he stood back up, he looked over to the top of the bed to see his owner still snoring away. He snorted while lackadaisically trudging over to her when he finally got over to her face he started licking all over her face.

“Ugh…Chello! Stop licking me!” Lena huffed out as she tried to fend him off. She lifted up the bed letting out a long yawn then looked over at Chello who was sitting so innocently to her right. “Oh don’t you dare give me that innocent look, you know what you did. Haa…I guess I better get up.” Chello gave her a big smile while wagging his curled tail. He barked in agreement as Lena got out of bed. She walked over to the dresser and started rifling through the clothes in the top drawer. She pulled out her favorite blue tank button up top. She then closed the drawer before opening up the middle to get the black pencil skirt she wore with her top. Another yawn escaped as Lena was heading towards her bathroom from behind her you could hear a little thump indicating that Chello had decided to follow her into the bathroom.

Reboot of my Novel Series

Now, that Dantesha was out of the sun, she undid the black-veiled that covered her face. She had porcelain skin since she couldn’t expose herself to sunlight unless she wore this outfit. Her eyes were a faded bright sapphire iris with a dark blue ring around the edge of the iris. Her face was slim with a pixie-like look and her hair which was in the hairnet still was brown-black with solid two inches long white tips all around her hair. Her bangs swept to the right side of her forehead. Her lips had a light peach color to them plus they were small in shape of natural sized lips.



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