How does your bookcase/shelf look?

Okay, maybe a little random and I am not sure if it’s the right category so feel free to change it but I feel like it would be a nice add to this place. So I got some questions to get started! Push the thingy to read my answers (also as explanation)

How many books do you own?

About 100 if I had to guess

Is your bookcase/shelf well organized or is it completely random?

It’s really well organized, mainly by genre and language, since I both own Dutch and English books. Besides that’s in order I also decorated my shelf with flowers and pictures and made it just a special place.

What type of books do you have in/on your case/shelf?

What type of books do you have on your shelf? I have books from my childhood, some ‘young adult’ books I bought even tho I in some cases already read them through the school library, and more recently quite a few books from university. But besides books I also keep some magazines (about traveling and cooking)

What's the most special book you own?

For me it’s the first book of Harry Potter in a special edition, this one is really special for me cause I bought it at a bookstore in Porto which was part of the inspiration for the stairs.

And 2 questions from @LHT

For the people who are interested to get an idea of my book shelf, this 6 times longer and all filled up…

excuse the bad quality of the picture

Feel free to share a picture of yours as well, but it definitely isn’t necessary!


A fair few

I like to think it is nicely organised

The one I will be posting on this thread is where I keep the manga in my room, so far it’s only death note and tokyo ghoul. I won’t be posting the other book pictures though because those are mainly my Mums. I have bought more since the photo was taken.

My collectors edition of death note



Ohh, I really like how that looks tbh, the shape and symmetry is just perfect! Thanks for sharing this!

Honestly I have never read any manga but I am definitely interested in trying some time!

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My Mum helped me, she knows I like things a certain way :joy:

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Well, she definitely is good at it! It is just really pleasant to look at…

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Hmm, @LHT has a lot to see about her bookcase/shelf… You’ve been typing for a while :thinking:

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Not sure about the exact number , but maybe around 50? I tend to the give-away my books to local school libraries or my younger cousins.
I used to own over 150 Donald Duck comic books when I was younger since I was as a major fan. And inherited my dad’s collection.

It is very well organized ,it’s organized by genre and author name.

A few comics,art books, foreign dictionaries and regular books. The genres you will mostly see in my book shelf will be thriller and YA books.

I have this 10th anniversary Joker book, that I bought in Paris.It talks about the Joker’s transformation throughout the years and how the character came to be.

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I’m eating while typing so I’m just very slow :rofl:

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Ohh, that’s a nice thing to do! I think you inspired me to start doing the same thing.

Oh my gosh, I also had a lot of them!

That actually sounds really interesting!

Thanks for sharing all of this!

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Ahhh, makes sense :upside_down_face:

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Now I have a book related question for you @WhiteBlossom (and everyone else who would like to answer)! What is the worst book you own and what’s the biggest ? :eyes:

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I have unpacked around half my books so far. I’m gonna need to get a second bookshelf xD


The worst one I own is a Dutch one I bought for 1 euro at the boekenfestijn (maybe you heard of that)

The biggest is one of my books of uni, it’s huge tbh


That looks great! And I think you are right about needing another one :rofl:

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Don’t think I’ve heard of it , but 1 euro for a book is extremely cheap :hushed:


The bible.

j/k, I have this weird cult indoctrination book. It’s hilarious, but really awful.

It’s one of two. It’s either my Bloodborne artbook or the Necronomicon. Probably the Necronomicon, that book is huge


They have tons of books, most a few years old which they sell for really cheap. It’s like a pop up event :woman_shrugging:


I will add your questions to the first post btw @LHT if you are okay with that?


Sure ! The more the merrier :grimacing:


Do I spy manga? :eyes: