How does your style reflect your personality?

Well this is an easy one for me since I’m really into emo stuff and rock and I wear merch that shows my interests so I guess anyone who looks at me can see that I’m proud of the things I like :blush:

What do you guys think?

I dress in stuff that makes me look extroverted.
Just. No.

My fashion sense can be described as “comfortably stylish”. I don’t know how that reflects on my personality, though.

But maybe I can put it off like this. Showing a lot of skin makes me feel uncomfortable. But, I still want to be stylish while remaining in my comfort zone.

I don’t comb my hair and don’t really do much to make me look good other than putting jeans and a long sleeve on (Just cause I like the look of them)
So it displays how I’m a mess and lazy XD But also, I like my hair unkempt I think it looks nice that way. So I’d say mine reflects pretty well

Um… I don’t think you can tell much about someones personality based off of what they wear. Yes, you can see what they like but that’s it. It might just be my opinion… I wear what I’m comfortable in and what makes me feel good. It can go from being dressed in all black to flowery, colorful dresses so I don’t know

Looks like crap.

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