How is Wattpad different from Tapas?

Wattpad and Tapas are two different platforms that people use to write stories on. I, personally, have not written anything on either, so I can’t really input much into this conversation. However, I am definitely curious on what you think!

  • Have you written/published anything on Wattpad or Tapas?
  • Which of the two do you prefer to write on?
  • If you haven’t used either, which do you think you’d prefer? Why?
  • How are Wattpad and Tapas different from each other?



One difference between the two is that in tapas you can make comics as well


I prefer Tapas because I never really understood Wattpad. :sweat_smile:


I haven’t written anything for wattpad but I’m working on something for Tapas. :eyes:

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:eyes: :eyes:

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