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How long do you think Episode will last before a new interactive story app knocks it down?

Like the title says. I think Episode will last for about 5+ more years. Maybe 7.


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I give it around 10 more years until people aren’t that much into interactive stories anymore. I don’t really see another app getting more popular than Episode because it’s kinda the same as Wattpad or just other big companies, it’s difficult to become more popular if there’s one big company already.


That will never happen, at least in principle. The app market is prone to changing and new trends and a dwindling user base could easily kill it.


Episode is owned by Tenecent I think or affiliated in some way
For context Tenecent is super big, its a Chinese company that owns cars even. They invested 90 million dollars in Pocket Gems / Episode
Some story apps can definitely become more popular but your going up against essientially a conglomerate and it will veryyyyy difficult


I don’t think it will for a while. Episode is very big.