How Long Does It Take You To Draft A Story?

I’m writing my first second novel now. I’ve written another one but it was very bad lol. Anyway, currently still drafting it and have been for a few months. Are you guys drafting anything now? How long has it taken to draft your story (short or novel?).
It doesn’t really take me that long to draft a short story because the story is well, short lol. But for longer stories with bigger ideas I usually get less confident about writing it and get more things like writer’s block instead of me just being able to write it in one go or something like I would a short story.


Well, considering I’m doing it right now and that’s it is fantasy, it takes a very long time, especially because I’m picky about having the world make sense. Most of the time, I rewrite things constantly until I’m satisfied… I would say properly drafting a novel would take a few months on average, maybe less if you have more time, or more if you’re busy ~


I’ve been drafting my novel for a few months and things have been rather slow. Research and communication with my illustrator can take up a lot of time. I also blame myself because I make significant changes to the character and keep going back to add/subtract things. I’m also very picky when it comes to grammatical errors, so I usually wait for my editor to check through what I’ve sent him before I move on with things.


Oh so do you write professionally?

As of now, yes.

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