How Long Does It Take You To Draft A Story?

I’m writing my first second novel now. I’ve written another one but it was very bad lol. Anyway, currently still drafting it and have been for a few months. Are you guys drafting anything now? How long has it taken to draft your story (short or novel?).
It doesn’t really take me that long to draft a short story because the story is well, short lol. But for longer stories with bigger ideas I usually get less confident about writing it and get more things like writer’s block instead of me just being able to write it in one go or something like I would a short story.


Well, considering I’m doing it right now and that’s it is fantasy, it takes a very long time, especially because I’m picky about having the world make sense. Most of the time, I rewrite things constantly until I’m satisfied… I would say properly drafting a novel would take a few months on average, maybe less if you have more time, or more if you’re busy ~


I’ve been drafting my novel for a few months and things have been rather slow. Research and communication with my illustrator can take up a lot of time. I also blame myself because I make significant changes to the character and keep going back to add/subtract things. I’m also very picky when it comes to grammatical errors, so I usually wait for my editor to check through what I’ve sent him before I move on with things.


Oh so do you write professionally?

As of now, yes.

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Depends on the story and what else I have to do. For short stories, it takes me about a week to have the whole story done, I think? Probably because I don’t plan anything or think too much about the characters, I just start writing (which isn’t the best idea, so don’t do that! :joy:) With longer stories, it takes me some time to write, which is also because I don’t plan anything, I just write.
Right now, for my story, I just write a chapter, takes me about two days, then I reread it to find mistakes and done! So I don’t really have a draft :sweat_smile:

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A very long time since I’m in a rut again. I’m trying to make my episode stories into novels on top of my main series which is slowly being worked on at this point.

@Writers Anyone else wants to share how long it takes to make a draft?

I tried to reply for a straight two minutes before I realized I wasn’t logged in.
Just writing the first draft it takes me an hour to write 500 words and usually, each part of my story is 3000 so it really depends on how many parts I’m writing and how often I sit down to write (Which should be more often) so it depends on how many chapters I want. Personally, the one I’m currently working is going to end up being about 17 or 18 which winds up being. Then another hour of me trying to double-check the chapter and fix obvious mistakes. So should be about 120 hours (However because of multiple things it has taken longer than it should)
Work Ethic is important and I’ve been working on making mine more reliable so I can actually produce stories. I should do double and triple reads. But, as this response shows my grammar skills are lacking and I dislike re-reading stuff. In the end, it comes down to the quality, speed, quantity, and so many other things that the author wants.
I also have yet to experience writer’s block, so I can’t say much on that topic. (Meanwhile, Grammarly reminding me I have 12 premium errors XD)

It used to take me a few hours from each day to actually draft my story. Sometimes new ideas gonna pop up and then I end up changing what I had previously to something so much better.
Yes it used to stress me out at times lmao. But it does take time I guess.

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