How long does it take you to get to school everyday?

With various different ways to get to school in the morning, depending on where you live in relation to your school can mean that it takes everyone a different amount of time to get to school in the morning? How long does it take you guys to get to school?

I get board-provided transportation to school and there are other kids on the route that get picked up after I do, but usually it takes about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic.


The highschool I went to is like a 5 minute walk from my house :eyes:


I usually either walk or take the bus. If I walk, it probably takes me like 30 minutes (Depends on how fast or slow I’m walking). If I’m on the bus, it takes me like 20-30 minutes, since they take stops.

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My elementary school was across the street from my house, so it was a 5-10 minute walk (there’s a park between my house and the school), but I don’t go to my home high school, so it’s a little farther. If I were to drive there on my own, it would be a 15 minute drive if I took the highway.

My Dad used to drop me off to high school on the way to work everyday so roughly 20 minutes by car but 45 minutes by bus.

To college it was a 1 hour 10 minute bus journey

5-15 mins. I walk to school since it’s close to home

To work— it usually takes 5-10 to drive there. My job is pretty close to my house.

When I was in school, about the same, 5-10 minutes.

We have three buildings in different parts of town. The building I have to go to the most is luckily the closest one and it takes me 15 minutes with a bus plus 5 minutes walking! For the second building I have to change two busses so that’s 10 minutes with one and then I wait for about 20 minutes and then 10 minutes with that second bus.
I hate that third building we have across the river… 30 minutes with a bus and 10 minutes walking.

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About 30-45 minutes I would say :nerd_face: I take the train and do some walking

No time at all, 'cause I don’t go. HEHE



0 minutes, because it’s online


its like half an hour walking, 10 biking, n two minutes? driving

old coots be like

crossing a river to get to school sounds majestic


It does but not when you’re dying in a bus with 100 people and no air
But it’s really pretty when I’m going back home and it’s dark outside, you can see all the lights and our bridge glowsss


myah 10-15 minutes, sometimes 20 if the traffic is bad