How many Episode stories have you started writing but never published?

I tried writing something for the Star Power contest in 2017, but didn’t really know how to continue it in the third chapter, so I never released it.

In early 2019, I also tried writing a sitcom-style story about a girl who was a writer for a magazine, but the MC’s personality was so bland that I just couldn’t continue. Never mind the fact that in every story I read during that time, I named and CCed my character after her, which ending up ruining the character since some of those MCs were brats.

I also tried converting an old text-based story to Episode, but the directing was kind of complicated, and I just lost interest in that story.

What about you, @Episodians ?

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Uhmm… like five. I’ve only ever written and published one story and it was so bad-
There was no coding involved, it was written on the phone app.

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Um probably something like 20 if I had to guess…

3294874928749 stories :grinning:

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:eyes: why didn’t you tried publishing any 1 then ? :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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I couldn’t figure out the ending and the direction was pure shxt

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Like 4, one I deleted at some point due to something that happened

(ok, I deleted the script and characters, but couldn’t delete the story. I wish Episode gave us the option to delete our stories/drafts.)

4 stories, I start them, boom have my writer’s block, and then say

I’ll never publish

My life literally Lmao!