How much time do you spend doing research for your story?

I tend not to do a whole lot of research on stories, but I probably should do more. I tend to either write stories about things that I know well or that I invent, which can make doing research tricky.

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If it’s something I’m not comfortable with, like portraying someone from a culture I’m not familiar with for example I will do hours and hours of research trying to portray them as realistic as possible. But usually I go with things I am already familiar with.



I’ve been doing research on the medieval century for months and viking/nordic culture for days. I hae zip folders I’ve created filled with so much information on them.


2 years.

So far

I usually write about what I’m familiar with, or I use a bit of creative license for certain things to make it fit my story (e.g., having characters get paid after a week of working at a new workplace and justifying it by saying they’ll only get paid the half of what they normally should get paid… just so I can have them go on a shopping trip the next day)… but when it’s something that I want to portray more accurately, I ask questions or look things up.
Especially when it comes to names and last names that are typical of a certain nationality.

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I also tend to write only something I’m familiar with because I don’t want to make any mistakes, so I don’t do any research. But if I had to, that would take a while… I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

I do research while writing

I try to find as much materials as possible to find new ideas for my writing. Also I ofetn use a little help of Assignment Shark writing service to finish my homework and writing at the highest level. These guy are pro in writing and profreading.

It’s usually in a fair ratio with my writing time :eyes: but if I feel like I actually need to go in depth (or I am caught in a spiderweb of interesting things), then it will take me hours or even days.