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This awesome article was written by our one and only El! @Eleanor_W-15 It’s super helpful and I think you should definitely give it a read.

I also can’t wait to see her horror story reviews, hehe


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Very interesting blog post!

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I was honestly glad to write this because of how much I know music can inspire people, I remember talking to @ChaoticDeluge about music inspiring certain parts of stories and it just got me thinking that maybe it’s a very underrated form of inspiration that new writers or people stuck in a state of writers block can use. Obviously, as I said in the post, it won’t work for everybody. But at least by making a post about it, I can hopefully help people find inspiration and maybe even gain more of a respect for stories told my music itself.

I was talking to a friend about the song In Your Room by Halestorm and why that was so heartbreaking. I came to the conclusion that because the song is being sung to somebody, it allows empathy.

it’s such a sad song for something with the lyrics that are actually fairly hopeful and sweet :pleading_face:

I think that music can be super useful as a method of figuring out the tone that a scene could have. I’ve never actually tried making a playlist for characters, but I think it definitely think it would be useful in trying to figure out the general tone that the character has and how they work. Songs convey a lot of information that can be hard to describe as well in text through the timbre of the song and the singer’s voice, which I think is also interesting to think about in how you can capture the mood the music without being able to have music that anyone actually listens to.

Also I’ve never thought about what song would play in a movie version of my story, but that is a really interesting way to think about scenes and potentially reverse engineer an answer to that question


Okay so I’ll set a reminder cause this relates to class and music writing :yum:

How does music inspire your writing.

Well, I listen to a song and then half way through writing a horror story, I end up accidentally writing the lyrics to somewhere over the rainbow

Music has inspired my writing many times; however, I can’t actually listen to the song WHILE I’m writing, because I get distracted and want to listen to the song instead of writing. But many of my stories include references to songs or a few lyrics. One of the characters of a story I was writing even had a few songs he was obsessed with and would often reference.
Now, when writing on Episode, I do love including music and sounds from the portal into my story, because I feel that it sets the mood much better, just like in a movie or a TV show. Some people hate listening to Episode music, and listen to their own, but I’ve always disagreed with this because the author of the story chooses the music that they feel sets the tone of the scene. What if the reader is listening to a happy, upbeat song when a sad, dark scene occurs in the story? Or a depressing song during a light moment?

So, I was listening to Goodbyes by Post Malone, and he says: “Don’t tell me to shut up, when you know you talk too much”, and that actually was what inspired one of the personality traits of my main character; the fact that she talks way too much, especially when she’s nervous.

I use music every time I write anything, from homework to creative writing. I’ve found that instrumental music is helpful for me since I found Two Steps From Hell. Two Steps From Hell is an orchestra band led by Thomas Begersen; they specialize in making epic hardcore instrumental music used in multiple movies, tv shows, and video games. The music settles down deep in you when you listen to it. Another good type of music to listen to is soundtrack music. Most soundtracks have a vibe that hits you in different ways, which can help inspire you depending on what type of scene you are writing. I listen to a wide range of music when I get in the mood to write, that is. I like listening to anime osts for hardcore scenes, especially Bleach and One Piece. They have the best music along with Naruto as well. You can lose yourself by imbursing yourself into your story when you listen to that music. It’s actually a proven science that music can help you in many ways, which is why it’s suggested so often to people. I would suggest you read the blog post that Eleanor wrote about this topic. The link is in the op, so what are you waiting for?


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