How often do you eat foreign food compared to your country's cuisine?

Yeah, I guess you could say I do eat more non-American food most of the time. Most likely I eat once or three times a week that is not American-oriented food depending on if no one wants to cook. Like tacos, pizzas, Chinese food, and other stuff like that. I would say the three main places that are not normal American food would be Papa John’s in a sense, Panda Express, and Taco Bell. Panda is the big one though which is great since they opened a new one just down the street from where I live.

How often do you eat foreign food compared to your country’s cuisine?



Once or twice a week?

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I’m having Thai right now

Often. I have very international tastes, so I don’t only eat my country’s food. I also eat American, Greek, Lebanese, Italian, Argentinian, Chinese, and anything else I can find in my country, depending on what I’m in the mood for at that moment.

That’s difficult to say because I don’t even know which food is truly Austrian :sweat_smile: But I think most of the time I eat foreign food, lots of food that’s from Germany

@Foodies What about you?