How often do you go to the doctor/dentist?

I usually go to the dentist every six months for a general checkup and cleaning, but I’m going to need crowns on my bottom teeth so I’m probably going to have to start going often.

I only go to the doctor when it’s something serious… like in 2018, when I had daily migraines. I went to a neurologist, then a nutritionist, and finally a chiropractor. The headaches reduced ever since I started seeing the chiropractor. Before COVID, I went every six weeks but now he isn’t scheduling appointments.
The only other time I go see a doctor is when I have a stomach infection, with a fever and vomiting. I just go to the doctor that works in the local pharmacy.

What about everyone else?


Me too, I also need to go to the neurologist yearly

i go for checkups, like tomorrow i have a dentist appointment, and after. my bday i have a doctors

I go to the doctor’s once a year for my annual check up. I’ll go into the walk-in clinic if I’m sick and don’t know what’s wrong. I also go to the eye doctor annually and the dentist every 3-6 months. Now for the fun stuff. I see a neurologist every year (used to be every 6 months) and I go to an orthopedic clinic every year.


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I used to go to the dentist almost every Thursday when I still had braces, but I got my braces off in February, so I’ll probably just go two times a year now, for the cleanings :woman_shrugging:t4:

I go once a year to the doctors, unless there is something else I need to get checked out.

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To the doctor when I have to, am sick or injured (like not for a cold or so, when it’s a bit worse)

To the dentist, every other year :slight_smile:

Dentist probably 6 month
Doctor once a year. I actually have thyroid disease when I was 19 years old. I do have a thyroid disease check up in September.

I go to the doctor when something’s serious, but I’ve never been to the dentist in a long time. :thinking::white_heart:

Around once a year for both to get checked out, ideally, although I don’t do that often :pleading_face:

I only go to the doctor if I’m sick and my mom thinks I might need antibiotics or something. Even then it’s just to a little walk in clinic.

For the dentist however, I go for teeth cleanings and at times more often.

I was there probably 4 times in the span of a month at one point, (I needed some fillings and I was out of school at the time) then for the past year every few months I’ve gone (mainly just for the dentist to check that my Invisalign was doing what it should). Next week I unfortunately have to go again for crowns to be put on many of my teeth… (I don’t seem like I stress a lot, but my stress was coming out in the form of severely grinding my teeth in my sleep. Bad enough to where I pretty much wore off all of the enamel on the back of my front upper teeth and front lower teeth… yeah… that has equaled a lot of dentist trips over the last couple years…)