How The F*ck Did That Happen? (Forum Game)

How The F*ck Did That Happen? Is a game where we say that something has happened and someone else decides how it happened.

Here are a few examples~

Person 1: A 17 story building was destroyed, how did it happen?

Person 2: The elves have had enough of the goblins taking all the money, so one of the elves dressed up as a goblin, messed with a few pipes, and got out before the building exploded.

Person 1: Jeff broke his arm, how did it happen?

Person 2: He was playing a crazy game of janga when all of the sudden, someone threw all the pieces at him with the strength of Goku.

Person 1: A squirrel ran in the middle of a street, how did it happen?

Person 2: The road was covered in peanuts, so really, the squirrel was being smart and got food for the neighborhood squirrels.

So I shall begin.

A boat sunk in shallow water, how did it happen?


A unicorn crashed into it, its horn broke through the bottom so it sunk. :unicorn:


My question.

A dog began barking, how did this happen?


Your dog saw an alien escaping Area 51 and it starting going insane.

A fictional character is forced to become a dhampir to save his wife. How did this happen?


He was threatened by a smurf, that if he doesn’t do it, his wife will become smurfette

oof im bad at this

my neighbor threw tarts at my house, how did that happen?


You played Rick Astley’s Never gonna give you up on loop for 64 hours in your backyard.

All people on the planet suddenly lost their hair, how did that happen?


You, a renowned cosmetic hair specialist, released your new brand of shampoo at a specific time, everyone went crazy buying it then used it and lost all their hair.

My bedroom rug caught fire, how the frick did that happen?


A cat broke into your house and knocked over some nail polish remover and a candle on the rug.

A new planet was discovered near Earth and later exploded, how did that happen?


The planet drank Pop-Rocks with soda.

A piano fell down a flight of stairs, how did this happen?


Someone decided to play an impromptu concert, picked the wrong venue, realized that the only way to get the piano onto the stage was a two story flight of stairs and the person moving it let go because they were tired and needed a rest. This is extremely elaborate, I know.

An entire country disappears off the face of the earth, how did this happen?


Aliens were deciding what country was worthy enough for them to kidnap and make them more intelligent. That country was chosen and they are now about 8175.53 light years away, and the country it’s self formed a new planet.

A penguin waddled into a ice skating area, how did that happen?

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Because he was kidnapped by the mafia and bribed with ice cream to distract everyone in the ice rink.

The lights flicker on and off, how did this happen?

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There’s a ghost family living in your house who can’t decide if they’re afraid of the dark or afraid of the light.

Two planes got married to each other, how the frickity frack did this happen?


The ghost one. :joy: Love your answer.

Because they the sky finally able to legally marry them.

A cake was left in the oven for too long, how did this happen?


Alice put a cake in the oven, then went to iron some clothes. Two robbers broke into a house and started playing with their blowtorch. They opened the oven to find a cake. They were really hungry and blowtorched the cake. Unfortunately, they burned it. They closed the oven and left the house without a trace.

A house burned down, how the frickity frack did this happen?


At a party, Lilith set a bottle of cotton candy flavored vodka on fire, and then threw it onto a wooden chair.

An owl stops at a hotel, how did this happen?


The owl used Trivago and found a deal on great hotel.

Everyone’s beach umbrellas disappeared, how did that happen?



The air began to feel a little thin. How’d this happen?


It wanted to be like ice, thin ice

The earth became flat, how did this happen, man?


The flat earthers were right!!

The auditorium was filled with water on the driest day of the year. How’d that happen?


It was filled with students tears cause they failed the exam.

Internet suddenly disappeared everywhere