How To Accurately Portray A Body Shaming Scene?

TW for body-shaming- might not want to read this if you’re sensitive to that.

The thing (doing it this way so that if anyone is sensitive to it they don’t immediately see what I wrote and stuff cuz it can be triggering I think to some)

So this is for Episode btw. So I’m trying to write a scene where a character gets body-shamed but I’ve never gotten body shamed so I don’t know what that’s like. This story is kind of medieval (inspired by medieval times) but it doesn’t really stick to that cuz it’s Episode and I have a hard time finding appropriate clothes and background and I don’t want to do a ton of research… so it is loosely centered around values that people may have had during that time period. Like expecting women to wear corsets and stuff for their figure.
So anyway MC is a pre-teen at this point in the story and is at a shop and basically the dress maker is telling her that she doesn’t have the right body for the ball dresses that she makes and ends up giving her a hideous looking dress…
How should I do this so it’s more realistic?

Here’s the script so far… I also made the dress maker’s animations more neutral so it could seem more realistic…
There’s not much I can do for you, you just don’t have the body for the dresses.
What do you mean?
Your figure isn’t feminine. You don’t have curves.
What corset do you wear?
I don’t wear a corset.
Well my ball dresses only work if you wear a corset.


I’ve had a similar situation (with a shop owner telling me that I can’t wear their Jeans) and I think your script seems pretty realistic so far :thinking:
But I’ll tag @Writers here to get more help!


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I’ve never been body shamed before so I don’t know how accurately project the scene but from what I read, I think it’s pretty ok I guess or maybe you can research it online. :thinking: