How to change your title - step by step guide

Hi! So, some people have been wondering how to change their title. I’m here to show you a quick tutorial on how to do it! :smile:

Step 1- tap on your profile picture in the corner of the screen, then click your username. (If on a laptop then double click it and locate preferences in your settings page.)

Those image should appear where your notifications usually are. Click on ‘preferences’.

Step 2: make sure you are in the ‘account’ tab.

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom, and find this bar here, then click the arrow that I have circled in red.

A list of all the titles that are available to you should appear, and you can select one easily by clicking on it. These titles can be earned by winning certain forum competitions, or by staying active and achieving trust levels.

Don’t forget to click save changes when you’re done!!!

If you want a custom title, then pm one of the @moderators and ask them to change it.

If you have any questions, or think that I forgot anything, tell me below! :kissing_heart: