How to correctly do this?

I’m going to make Creepypasta origins for myself(sounds weird) and my character is a bird mutant, obtaining the abilities through exposure to nuclear power. How in the wold do I make this work? Keep in mind that I only want her exposed to it, not anyone else, so maybe an explosion won’t work…

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I think I’m going to have something force her to go to a spot with high radiation, get pushed over a balcony and fall into chemicals. Harley Quinn style.

If they’re a dumb character you could just have them walk into elephant’s foot at Chernobyl. But, I doubt even the dumbest horror movie characters would do that unless they somehow don’t know about it. Vat seems like a more solid way of doing it, and less explanation. I just saw radiation and really like elephants foot, still an interesting thing to look up if you don’t know about it. That’s about all I can think of, sorry

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Well, this character is actually me, and I’m not stupid, lol.

Ah- that didn’t process, apologies. I am sure you aren’t XD

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I’m just a Creepypasta nut, and want to make myself an origin story. I feel like it’s an interesting idea.

I understand now! Have fun! And make sure to stay hydrated

It’s ok!

That’s what I look like, minus the wings.

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Thank you. That was random.

I think I just confused myself further. I was looking up radiation burns, because I was originally looking up first degree burns due to burning my mouth. I figured, why not look up radiation burns? I am now very confused.

Are you still confused? Why were you confused? Do you still need help on all this? :eyes:

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I think I got an idea. I’m going to have a thing control me and make mr go to a highly radioactive area, then, Bam! radioactive girl.