How to DIY your own Wattpad cover

The cover for your Wattpad story is one of the things that attracts people to it, so knowing how to make your own is a helpful skill. Here are some helpful tips on DIY-ing your Wattpad cover!

  1. Pick a colour scheme - Having a specific colour theme really helps make your cover look nice.
  2. Choose a fun, but readable font - The font for any text you have on you’re cover can be as fancy or funny as you want, but make sure it’s still readable
  3. Add an image or two - These images can really be anything you want, whether it’s silhouettes of people or symbols relating to your story, an image or two can really help your cover

Those are some basic steps towards making your own Wattpad cover. If you have any more tips, feel free to share them!



Cool tips! My sister is making my wattpad cover lol.
She’s a very great artist!

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Some tips that i have:

  • Try to use high quality images
  • Try to make the text pop up by colour contrast
  • Try to associate the theme of your cover to the main plot of your story

added some tags! :innocent: