How to Find Out if Your Child Needs a Tutor - Shani's Tutoring

I appreciate the reads, as always! If you know a parent who is considering sending their child to a tutor as a result of this lockdown, please send them my way!


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Shannii, question :eyes: Are you ok with tutoring American students in English because I have some friends considering tutoring and I can send this to themm


I’ve never tutored American students and as far as I understand, teachers get a lot more say in what they teach their students! So, I’d need to do some research on the American education system. Maybe some people can fill me in on what they need to know for their SATs? That kinda thing? Then I could absolutely make some content for American students, too!

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I’ll look into it and see if there are any problems with the software! They did an update recently, so I wouldn’t be surprised

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Hey @Bloggers! Whether you reading this for younger kids in your life, for yourself to see if you need a tutor, OR just to help out Shani and her website, it all helps. This article was another interesting on to read, despite me not being around kids in real life. What do you think of it?


Hey @ShanniiWrites could you possibly make a blog about how to be a good tutor or how to find out if you’d be a good tutor? I’m looking into being a tutor and I know that you tutored and I also think that it would be great content because other people also probably want to be tutors as well.