How to Find Your Character FC's Name

Sometimes you want your character to have multiple images in different looks.
But how do you find out who this person is?

My tip would be with Pinterest or google to use the image search. Download the image and use

The camera in google search

Schermafbeelding 2021-08-02 om 01.55.38


The magnifying glass on pinterest.

Schermafbeelding 2021-08-02 om 01.57.15

Both will show images that have the same face or similar faces.
if the post of your original fc doesn’t have the name in it (which on Pinterest happens a lot when it’s linked to wattpad). a few more clicks could help you come a long way.


  • How do you find out the name of your fc and how often do you look for it.
  • Are they easy to find?
  • How long do you spend on finding the name?

I hope my way may help some of you with finding the person behind the fc.


These are great tips, especially for the number of RPs that are now asking for them.

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I’ve not had to do it a lot but the few time I have, I used the magnifying glass on Pinterest or reverse searched the image on Google.

If none of those works, I look for uprising celebs or instagram influencers and go from there.

Nope. It’s harder when they’re tied with Wattpad. Those images a reposted a lot and when you reverse search the image, it might just link you back to Pinterest or get different images

The longest I’ve spent is five hours.

Thanks for the new tip on how to search!

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I give up after half an hour

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On Pinterest, you can sometimes find their name in comments! People usually ask “who is this”
I use fcs that are somewhat famous so I don’t really have a problem with that. When I’m helping people I just right click on the picture and select search google for this image. The name usually pops up

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