How to Guide: Writing Comedy

So I came across this thread nearly a year now.

And plently of you said comedy. Personally, I don’t find comedy that hard, but the main problem is to actually making it funny. There’s a difference between actually making it funny and trying hard to make it funny but it’s just not funny. You know, there are jokes which makes you burst in happy, some of them worth you texting ‘lol’, which you find it a little bit funny but not to the point where you can laugh, and those that make you say What?!?!?

After watching some funny kdramas (side note, not all of them are funny), I’ve found some ways to add some punch to your writing. I don’t know about you, but I’m someone who would prefer a funny romance story than a plain romance story. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. The gross stuff

Things like poo, pee, saliva, bogers, you name it. This is the easiest way to write something funny. For example, you can write a character who sprays saliva when he is talking, thus the possiblities are endless when you think about it. The grosser it is, the better, just don’t write it to the point that it’s disturbing.

2. Make it unrelatable

To write something, you have to make it unrelatable. Make choices that normal people would not possibly do because you know it’s too dumb to do that. The illogical, the better, but do keep in mjnd that the readers have to understand the reason why your character is oing this dumb move. For example, a character bangs his head with random objects 24/7 because he’s desprate to become tik tok famous in 24 hours challenge. (Yes, I just made it up on the spot) (P.S. no shade is intended.)

3. Surprise!

You have to surprise the reader to make them laugh, if you observe carefully, most funny memes are funny because they surprise you. If you manage to catch the readers off guard, then you’ve nailed it. There are jokes and scenarios that are too common so stay away from them as far as possible, unless you want your plot to be predictable.

4. Slap Comedy

Slap comedy is also one of the ways to draw attention to the readers, just don’t make it offensive. This is good to write as a consequence to the character’s dumb action. For example, after the character finished his tiktok challenge, his head was so dizzy that he couldn’t walk straight, but then one of the pots and pans he used are all ruined, so he went to buy new ones, then he fainted at the silverware shop which caused him to knock dkwn a cupboard full of ceramic plates, so he has to pay thousands because if it.

If you want to find inspiration, you can watch funny shows, surf ig for memes or watch a funny youtube video. The possiblities are endless. At the end of the day, believe yourself that you can write and write it confidently whether if it’s cringing or not. I can assure you that there will be readers who will find it funny.


Just make sure not to overdo this, since this will cause more second hand embarrassment than laughter then :eyes::eyes::green_heart:

And try not to overthink what you’re writing as this will lead to you not thinking that anything is funny and then you might as well quit trying to write a comedy. :eyes::sparkles:

Just try to think of stuff that will make most people laugh and try to not offend anyone with your jokes too much :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

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This is a great guide…

If you want to write a kids book.

The only thing I really agree with is the surprise. If you want something to be funny, make it have wit. Sarcasm, when used well, is also a great tool to use for comedic purposes.

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Also, don’t make jokes feel forced. It will be way less funny if it doesnt feel natural. The cold, stoic character suddendly becoming the comedian isn’t going to wager much of a reaction, but one character that has kind of a ‘niche’ (i.e. saying random/inappropriate things, nicknaming, etc.) will usually make more sense. Also, jokes that take a second are usually the best, since you need to think about them more and therefore give a greater reaction.

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