How to make characters that are actually different!

Heyo! Everyone struggles with character creation from time to time. Especially when there are so many ideas, tropes, and viewpoints to implement into your character. But what if you wanted to create a unique character that stands out from the basic stereotypes? I’ve got some tips for you! :heart_decoration:

Tip 1: Pay attention to what other people are writing.

Look at the other characters in the RP, What are their personalities and backstories? If you were already planning something similar or the idea they had. Scrap it! It’s okay to start fresh and do something new. If you follow along with every other character you’ll just be another clone in the RP! Try to go against the grain.

Tip 2: Its great to stand out! But...Not to much.

Usually, When people think of making their character “different” It can result in making them a bit too different. If you want your character to be a purple-eyed elf with rainbow hair then go for it! But make sure it always lines up with the RP Itself, I don’t think the characters would be comfortable with a purple-eyed elf in the middle of an RP based on an event in the 1920s. :wink:

Tip 3: Faceclaims actually matter- A LOT!

A ton of people tend to ward off Faceclaims or at least don’t put as much effort into them as much as Personality & Backstory, But Trust me. It matters! Whilst it’s best to make a face claim that lines up with the RP It’s also good to put your own twist on how the character looks- Have a simple joe in a suit a tie? Give him a scar from an accident from his childhood. You always want something unique to add in when you’re describing your character in any format. Plus bonus, For incorporating it into their personality/backstory.

Tip 4: Its okay to go easy on introductions.

As a person who’s had way too many overly dramatic Introductions, First impressions are excruciatingly important so introducing your character with a long-detailed and/or open description of how cute, cool, skilled or bada** your character is can come off as shallow or even braggish. It’s okay to have a detailed introduction but make sure it matters. It’s best to show rather than tell so a short and simple will work just as well!

All in all, Creating characters that are different/unique can be difficult. But even inserting the smallest twist can spice up your character’s individuality. Feel free to add any other tips you think will help RPers make their characters different! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



My Blue Royalty character has Borderline Schizophrenia and thinks Blue Royalty is stupid. Yes, I’ve done my research.


me who has 9+ paragraph introductions: hides



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Saw the notif and immediately thought that this was a thread I needed to read, haha
But these are good tips!!

me who is obsessed with your intros: hides


Unfortunately, no one approached her yet.

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So approach someone yourself lol


Well, she’s in a classroom, but maybe I’ll have her go to the bathroom or something. Who’s approachable?

I actually love to incorporate Mental Illness in my characters, Especially with me having them myself~

Me who makes their outfits 10x more dramatic just to add in how shiny they are every 5 sentences: Hides with you-

Yesss, Thanksss! :pleading_face: :heart:


That’s cool, me too. I just hope I portray it well. I’m not too worried.

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As long as you have done research and it isn’t offensive in any form or fashion your good! Portraying any mental illness is difficult. I struggled with Raven who was Bipolar- And I’m bipolar.

I struggled with my own illness~ It can be difficult to convert genuine thoughts to writing/text. You can do it! :heart:


my intros thus far have consisted of breaking something, shooting something, or both


She’s going to have mania and depressive moments like a bipolar because that’s one of the symptoms. What are your switches like?

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I know, I am so sh*t at portraying autism and aspergers because with my characters I tend to turn everything about that up by a million but you really can’t do that with mental illness.


How do you turn it up to a million? Make them nonverbal Savants?

Ah, yes, the two necessary parts of making a character intro: breaking something or shooting something


Idk ask in the chat


OMG! I love this, babe. Tip two and three are AMAZING!

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It varies for every person. But I have high highs and low lows, And I’m Rapid-Cycling. Meaning I cycle more often and faster. So for your character you can have her have a day where she’s hyperactive then a few days later depressive.


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