How to Make Your Characters Likeable

This is not just how to make your character likeable but actually enjoyable to read, which is the main thing.

How easy do you find it? Did this blog help you?


This post was extremely useful to me as Shannii was writing it in bed next to me while I was stressing about a chapter of my story. She read a couple of parts out loud and I was like ‘Oh! Right, of course!’


Aww, this is sooo cute. So you were sort of the first person she helped then?

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I was there when she started the website :3


Hence why you are the first she helped! (wink)


This is a good and reliable blog post since I do want to ensure that the character my reader will be following the story of is actually a likable character otherwise I fear making the reader severly hate the story :joy: there have been stories I read where I just think damn I really hate this character and they never face any consequences for their actions nor do they have any redeemable qualities so I just left the story feeling angry :joy:


If there’s something that I really do care about when writing a character is making them sort of likeable.
Not perfect, but I do want readers or other characters to relate to the character and to be fond of them.
Also If I don’t like my character I won’t like writing it, and there’s not much of a reason I’d like them and someone else won’t.
This blog post is actually very helpful, especially after I was having a hard time writing a new character earlier.


*cough * ivy

I have some that aren’t
I can’t make them all likeable shoot me

ivy is like inhumanely wicked tho XD


Ah, characters are really important to me in stories :heart_eyes:

I love how popular Loki became. He’s really a likable villain. I find most characters likable except from annoying ones. I can’t stand Clarke in the 100. :joy:

Okay, unlikable characters are fine as long as they are good characters and don’t annoy me every second they’re in a scene. :laughing:

Yeah, give them flaws. :smiling_imp: You want the characters to be realistic and nobody’s perfect. Maybe some people seem perfect to the outside world but everyone has their own struggles. So sure, maybe a side character with very little page time only seen from the MC’s point of view can be written as flawless but yeah, f l a w s.

I agree with that backstories are great if introduced at the right time. The important thing is that you know your characters backstory and can write them consistently accordingly. Maybe some details never get exposed.

I agree with the selfawareness to some extent. It’s good that the characters know that they’re flawed and some flaws are apparent and they can pinpoint them. However, I feel like in real life some people struggle to understand their own flaws and other people in their surrounding too.

Yes, I want to shake lots of people by their shoulder and tell them to do something. I don’t think it’s good for their mental health though :joy:

Yeah… they have to care about someone or something. Even villains who don’t care for anyone have their own agenda and care about something. Else they wouldn’t do the evil stuff they do. I mean, it’s debatable whether Thanos loved Gamora (sure he cared about her a bit) but he cared more about his cause. Well, he cared for everyone although his caring wasn’t on a personal level which the avengers do a lot. I mean, for them a life of a friend is more important than the rest of humanity because they don’t sacrifice friends for the greater good. If a character doesn’t care about anything they would be rather apathetic and not have any motives for anything.

Okay, very interesting article! I’ll take a break now because I read so slowly :laughing:


YES, flaws!

WOAH! So much, what a great reply, syster.

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Hahaha :laughing: I like fictional characters too much :rofl:

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It’s worth pointing out that some characters should be unlikeable.