How to NOT promote a story

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How to NOT promote your story

We all want our stories noticed, right? So, we spread the word, post links, and tell people all about it in order to get them interested in reading our wonderful masterpiece.
However, there are a few unwritten rules of promoting a story, and this thread is to give writers tips on how to avoid mistakes when promoting.

Here are a few tips on what not to do when promoting your story:

  • Don’t promote it the wrong place. If the thread is about ‘Worst story tropes’, don’t just randomly insert a link inviting people to read your story. Most likely, the people who clicked on the thread are interested in reading about and sharing the worst story tropes. People might not even notice it.
  • If the original post is asking for a certain type of stories, don’t post yours if it doesn’t fit the theme. Let’s say the original poster wants to read horror stories with no CC. Yours is a comedy with full CC. That is not the right place to promote it. It would be better to find a thread looking for something that makes YOUR story unique!
  • Don’t slide into authors’ private messages. We all want our favorite authors to read our stories and give us feedback… and even post screenshots of our stories on Instagram! But unless they are specifically asking for recommendations, it isn’t a good idea to just randomly message them, asking to read your story. Some authors might do it, but there are others that specifically state in their IG stories that they do not like getting DMs asking to read their stories. So please be mindful of that.

Would anyone else like to share tips on the wrong ways to promote a story?


Don’t post on a read for read thread if you don’t plan on reading other people’s stories in return for them reading yours.


Lol, I was gonna say this!!

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I find it annoying when people literally promote their story on 100 different places, mainly when I was still on episode there were stories I just kept seeing on way too many threads.


YES! A few is fine, but be selective. Don’t post it on every single thread you can find.

Why would people do that? Are they that desprate? Tbh, it really makes the author super uncomfortable and if I were the author, I don’t eben know what to reply. It’s just like someone DM me on insta for likes, not once, not twice, but multiple times.

You mean on unrelated threads as well? Like not a promote story thread?

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Uh… well, they should post on unrelated threads. But I meant just not posting on EVERY story promotion thread and only on a handful of them.

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Ok, so I saw one story on Episode that had in it’s description “the more you read the more I write” pretty sure it probably still has like 11 reads.

I don’t really know why people DM popular authors to read and recommend their story, all you do is making the author uncomfortable tbh.