How to overcome having zero ideas

We all have it, that wall. That moment you have 0 ideas and just nothing comes out. often it is when you need it the most, when you have a deadline or when people are waiting for it.

So what do you do?

First of all, it doesn’t help to worry about it and keep thinking ‘I need ideas’ or ‘if only I could just think of something’.

These things help the most:

  • Inspiration
  • A clear head
  • No pressure


how do you find inspiration?
People around you:
There are so many people around you, all with their own combinations of personalities, looks, and quirks. sometimes making a character the same as your best friend or someone who inspires you. we’re surrounded by unique people, so take a look around, and just go watch people like a little stalker.

Music can help so much, finding music in the same genre will help so much. Try finding movie music in the genres of that you’re writing in. Even if you don’t like a genre, sometimes the music can still get you into the mood you like.

Clear head

it’s the moment you’re not thinking about it, that you work the best. clear your head, go for a walk, watch a movie, etc. JUST DO SOMETHING ELSE because clearly, just trying to force it out won’t work.

No Pressure

This is for fun, you’re not graded for it, you aren’t getting paid, no one is going to kick you out if you don’t get it right away. just take your time, that’s when you work at your best.

@rpers, what do you do to overcome having zero ideas?