How to save food during quarantine

This thread is for sharing tips on how to save food and make it last so you don’t have to go to the grocery store often.

1. Leftovers

You can cook larger portions than what you usually eat, then eat half of it and save the other half for another day.

2. Freeze food

Or… you can cook a lot of food, split it into even portions, and freeze each portion.

3. Don’t eat just because you’re bored

It’s tempting to just open up the fridge because you have nothing else to do. But the idea is to reduce trips to the grocery store or convenience store. Resist the temptation to check the fridge every five minutes and binge-eat out of boredom.

4. Buy frozen fruits and vegetables

Frozen fruits and vegetables don’t go bad if you don’t eat them quickly. Frozen fruits are great for making shakes and smoothies.

Any other tips you’d like to share?


My mom does this but we usually prefer freshly cooked meals every day. :joy:

My mom keeps going to the grocery store almost everyday during quarantine, so there’s not even room to have left overs for long bc there’s so much in the fridge. I’ve told her to take a break from the store, but she won’t listen, lol.


Which one of these tips did you find the most helpful?
Do you have any other tips? :eyes::sparkles:

Hibernate like bears :eyes:

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