How To Start Writing Episode Stories

I know many of us aren’t really interested in Episode any more, but in terms of a platform for creating a visual story, it’s still really good. Here’s how to start.

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@Bloggers and @Episodians, ever wanted to just have a simple guide for where or how to start writing an Episode story? It’s a little outdated but most of the information is relevant. This could help @Writers too!

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Also these helped a ton:


Step 1: don’t :blush::sparkles:

Seriously, there are so many better platforms out there which appreciate and value their authors more… :eyes:

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Idk, Episode can be good if you want to make a story with choices in it, and its more visually appealing than most choice stories.

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DORIAN!!! Guys seriously download it. You won’t regret it!

Dorian is ugly and the stories there aren’t good

That’s your opinion

as a writer on there, agreed

im only there for the contests :eyes:

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