How To Use Gem Choices Well

How to make good gem choices, or choices in general, and how to use the points system.

Can you name any good choices in some of the stories you’ve read or written on Episode?


I don’t like to use gem choices, since I feel like the reader cannot act freely on how they want their reading experience to be. I don’t mind gem choices that are simply to support the author, or to collect points with friends/love interests, or point formats that are used for alternative endings, and so on. I think that, to use gem choices well, you shouldn’t make the mc act sh¡tty to a character just because they couldn’t or didn’t wanna spare some gems. I think, to use gem choices in a clever way, you must not change the storyline and plot of your story or the relationship with a friend/LI based on your readers gems. Let them choose freely. But in the end, you can spare gem choices to claim some points, support the author, get a recap or an explanation for the chapter, as you probably haven’t been paying attention. When authors do that, readers who haven’t been paying attention might feel almost guilty, and choose to spare some gems in exchange for understanding.


I think that gem choices have to be extra content in order for me to really appreciate them. Either that, or that they let you catch your score up to the levels of the best players with a point system. Gem choices can show extra scenes that give a little bit more information on a character or change your character’s appearance without tremendously impacting the story. I wish that gem choices could have their price selected by story authors, because not all choices are created equally anyways. Most importantly, I think that gem choices should be upfront about what they are, in order to not disappoint the people who get them–choices just to support the author are only fine when the author doesn’t mislead the people who purchase them.

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So gem choices have been out for a while norw, @Bloggers and @Episodians. How do you use them in your stories and are they effective?

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Just… don’t ok?
Don’t use gem choices.

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