How to use MLA citations

At some point in your academic career, or beyond, you’ll have to cite your sources for an essay or something else of that nature. These can get quite confusing if you don’t know how to format them properly, so this is a guide on how to use MLA citations!

When making a reference sheet using MLA, always title the page ‘Works Cited’. This should be in the same size font as the rest of your entries, but the title always gets centred. The rest of the entries should be left-aligned. The works cited sheet should be double-spaced and each entry should follow this format:

Author last name, First name. “Title of source.” Title of container. Version or edition number (optional), Volume and issue number (optional), Publishing company name, Publication Date, location.

I wasn’t able to do it on here, but when doing works cited sheet, always indent the second line and any subsequent lines. Some other things to note:

  • Your list should be alphabetical
  • Combine all types of sources (print, online, etc.) onto one list
  • Don’t number your list
  • Always remove the hyperlink and http:// or https:// when citing online sources.

A little tip: some academic websites, like the Encyclopedia Brittanica, will provide the citation for you, all you have to do it select the correct type.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Interesting, in the Netherlands academic work follows a different format for citing, APA :eyes:


Yeah, I have to use APA sometimes too. For me, it depends on the teacher. Some of them want us to use APA and others want MLA.

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This could be helpful for some of the people of the @HomeworkHelp group!
I didn’t even know about MLA, I’ve only ever used APA :thinking:

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Ahh this is very informative and helpful.

@HomeworkHelp what do you guys think?
Would you guys use it?

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