How To Write Diversity Well

Diversity sells, that’s why you should write it, but why else? Read here.

How much diversity do/have you put in your writing?


How many diversity do I have in my writing?

Many diversity. Much diverse

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MEAN! You are MEAN. You know I was doing this quickly… while also concentrating on being read to, you mean little bug boy!

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I am very mean!

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I try to make a diverse cast in my stories but in many of my short stories, I just don’t find the right scene to mention anything about it. Yes, I know, how should the readers know that the cast is diverse if I don’t describe it anywhere… I’m working on that!
But lately, I’ve seen many people have those checklists for diversity again or pretend that it’s sooo difficult to have a diverse cast. It’s really not that difficult (especially for those who take a lot of time to describe characters). Maybe it just takes some practice to not for some people"forget" about it

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I always try to make my stories diverse and if because of the setting/I’m writing a fantasy story with a non-human race I do tend to Poc code them to add sugar (diversity) to the tea (the story)

@Writers how much diversity do you have in your story?