How to write mythology for fiction stories?

So, when it comes to writing about mythology in a fictional series you will want to pull from the mythology around the world. Those sources are supposed to be used as a guide to writing your own mythology. One thing, I’ve learned from reading each different mythology over the years is that they all have a life lesson embedded in them. Since there is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to this type of writing I’m actually just going to post articles that go over how to create your own myth, mythological creatures, and so on.

What to add to mythology:

  • Explain the Unexplainable
  • Add in life lessons which the characters from the myth either learn or fail by their own mistakes.
  • Pull from our myths, mythology, and other similar resources.
  • Let your mind go wild when writing!

Keep those points in your head when going over your own system for mythology. One of these articles or even all of them should be helpful to you in your journey as a writer.

How to write your own mythology?

How to write your own mythological creatures?



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