How would you make a really bad movie?


Or plotholes.

LMAO, no diversity! Just strictly white people of course.

Hmm, prolly add music that does NOT correlate with the emotion of the situation. :joy:

What about you?? @Discussions


Pretty much.

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Add Adam Sandler.


Ouch. I actually watched a pretty good Adam Sandler movie once. It was called the Cobbler, about a shoemaker who can transform into the people who’s shoes he puts on. It has some darker elements. I’d give it a shot.


Yeah, to be fair, he’s got a few good ones. However, most of his recently are quite below average.

  • Unrealistic plots in realistic settings,

  • Bad deduction process esp in thriller / detective films,

  • stereotypes,

  • untimely and insufficient comic relief,

  • wrongly directed action scenes,

  • Bad casting etc

(from personal perspective, cheesy excessive romance)

Just bad acting, that’s what gets me

Just throw a camera into a bush and throw the bush of a cliff then catch it, then that’s the movie

Use my old phone as a camera, ask random people on the street to be the actors, don’t make an ending that answers any questions in the movie, no music.