How would your character react to having a pet?

So with the weekly theme being pets, it’s always fun to have a little companion by your character’s side.
Personally only have one character at the momen who has a pet: Regan, who has a hyperactive puppy called Daisy.

I don’t have her exact reaction but Regan got her from her boyfriend while she was in an argument with her boyfriend. Now they care for her like the little girl is their daughter and the doggo gets into trouble very often.

I also had Hinata who had a little kitten and some side characters with another kitten.

I just love giving my characters a pet and should really do it more often.


  • Have you ever given your character a pet?
  • Did they already have it or did they get them later into the rp?
  • How would your character react if they suddenly got an pet as a gift or when a stray tried to make them their owner?

Many of my characters had pets, mostly dogs but not only

Already had them

Depends who but most of them would be happy

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Eugenia has a snake!

Her name is Magnolia.

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