I Need Covers for the ShanniiWrites Website!

Hi everyone!

So, I’ve got quite a few blog posts in the works for the ShanniiWrites Website! But in order to make the blog posts look good, I need art!

I have been banking on royalty-free photos and elements from Canva, Pexels, Pixabay,e tc for a while. However, I wondered if there are any talented @Artists on here who would like to contribute?

Unfortunately, I am unable to pay you >.< the Forums already take a big chunk out of my bank account every month. So, I was thinking of maybe starting a directory on the ShanniiWrites Website with the help of the @CopyrightTeam to make sure that artists are contributing their own work? Basically, writers who submit for the blog posts or the merch will get their information posted on the ShanniiWrites Websites with links to their DeviantArt and other social media, plus anything else you would like to list: commission prices, contact details, etc. Every time I use someone’s art on my blog posts, I will link to their details?

Believe me when I say that I know that writers deserve to be paid for their time. I am not a choosing beggar, so I do understand if you feel like that’s not a fair deal. But if you’d like to help me to churn out more blog posts, I would super appreciate it!

I would love to see anything you can do with your own spin on the Author Character! Usually, my dimensions are 2240x1260. However, I dunno what you think would work for the usual blog posts? If you have a look on a random blog post, you’ll be able to see the proper sizing. In addition to that, most of the art needs to be pretty central so that it doesn’t get cut off on the main page:

The first blog post’s image gets cropped to a square on the main page.

If you’d like to see the sizes for art on the actual blog post page, I recommend checking out the following blog post:

Also, I’d super appreciate it if you included your own name/username somewhere on the artwork, as well as the word “ShanniiWrites”. That just protects both of us if people try to take your art as their own.

I am happy to tell you what I am working on in the future! Or, if you have any better ideas for any of the art pieces of the blog posts written by me in the past that have stock images (like the sensitivity reading one), I’d love to see those, too!

I am going to start a thread very shortly to give anyone who made art for the ShanniiWrites Forums that we used a place to give their details for the directory. I also suggest creating an account on the Website so that you can showcase all of your ShanniiWrites art there, too!

Thank you so much for reading this!



So is there some form where we have to apply? Or can we just state here that we’d be interested? :eyes::green_heart:

My art isn’t the best, but I’d be willing to help out if you don’t find a better artist :star_struck::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


Added some tags btw :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:


Here is a list of the past blog posts that have stock images if any of them appeal to you:

^ I quite like the Muslim Character one though

I’m going to stop there for now because gosh that’s hard on an iPad xD


You just need to say you’re interested! :smiley: No applications needed. I’m grateful for any art!


I’d be interested in this!


Also, I added a little something else! I dunno what they’re called, but you know when artists write their name or username on their art? Could you do that with your name or username on the blog art please? Plus the Website name? Just “ShanniiWrites” or “Created for ShanniiWrites.com” or something? Just so people know where the art came from if they try to copy-paste it from Google Images.

Make sure you give yourself the credit you deserve! Make your username bigger than the ShanniiWrites part! As long as it doesn’t overpower the actual art :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, and the ShanniiWrites font is Dancing Script. Does anyone need the brand colours?


A signature? :eyes: A watermark? :eyes:

What if I want to stay an anonymous duckling? :eyes::eyes:


That’s fine xD If you want to take requests or commissions, this would be a great way to do it. I can @ you on the website (If you have a website account) and then you can list your commission prices etc on your profile!


Ooo :eyes::sparkles:


In fact, I can create a form for you on the website so that no one has access to your email address and stuff. I can create a page for you with all of your details etc on it and then a form that will send you an email asking for a commission request?


That sounds rad :eyes::sparkles:
If you ever want any art from me (I’m mostly good at animal art, but my humans look okay too), feel free to dm me on here, discord it send me an email through my forums email (it’s visible on the staff spreadsheet :eyes:)

And I’ve been wondering if you plan to fix this at some point?
The text below the box appears to be white and blends in :eyes::eyes:

Uh I could do some edits to Pixabay pictures with filters to give them a unique touch. Would you want that?

I… that’s strange

Definitely! Anything that you think fits the blog post! I’m running out of ideas myself xD and visual art isn’t my strong suit

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Sure! I will go through the posts to see what I can find for them.

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I would love to once I find the time to pick up art again! (Maybe sometime in January :sob:)