I need help [mental health]


trigger warning


i know this isn’t quite the place to go for help mentally, but i’m really struggling mentally, and it has gotten to the point where i cannot cope or deal with these overwhelming emotions.
i’m severely depressed, and suicidal, and i just slightly overdosed (by taking 6 strong medicine pills today) because i just really don’t want to be here anymore

i’ve tried getting help online, talking to someone, but the responses are all the same - blunt and apathetic, so i just need someone to talk to before this gets out of hand, because i really want to die and i know i cannot control myself when it comes to this feeling and how to get rid of myself, so i just need advice please

-- Francisca

Hey I’m here for you !
You can talk to me :pleading_face:


Hey there. I know it’s hard, it’s really hard to stay here. Although I don’t know you, I love you, as I’m sure many other forumers do.
I know mental health struggles are hard and I’m here for you. If you need help or if you need to talk, PM me or reply here. I feel your pain deeply and I want to help if I can.

You can also talk to @Ana like she said, she’s amazing and I’m sure she could help you.

I really hope life gets better for you and that someone can help you. You deserve the best. :heart:


If you need to talk I can help. I know how you feel. Whatever you need I’ll do my best to help.

Just know there’s someone who cares for you out there.

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