I will write out your scenes/feelings!

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Hello everyone! Here is a place where I’ll write a scene for you!

Here is how it works:
Give me a basic outline of a scene and I’ll make it into a full scene. (An example could be, two boys in a skate park having a conversation about school, from that I’d make a full scene!)

Feel free to ask for a scene below!

I hope this is helpful!


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It’s idea, I love this.

Suggestion: A lover’s spat over mayonnaise and bacon.


I’ll write it now!


I hope this is good enough!

Jean knocked on the door. “Hey. I’m going to make some sandwiches. What do you want in yours?” The door swung open, her boyfriend smiling on the other side.

“Why are you smiling, weirdo?” Jean laughed as her boyfriend rolled his eyes, his grin still plastered across his face.

“Nevermind,” he chuckles and brushes past Jean and walks into the kitchen.

He turns toward the fridge and takes out the mayonnaise and bacon.

“You put Mayo and bacon on your sandwiches?” Jean asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, you don’t?” He asked, crossing his arms.

“Who puts bacon and mayonnaise on a sandwich?! What’s wrong with you?” Jean exclaimed with a scoff.

“I do, it’s delicious!”

“You’re so weird. I’d never put something as good as bacon with something as bad as mayonnaise,” Jean whispers to herself.


HEHEHEHE. Nicely done. More of a fun conversation than a spat, but still a good read. (wink)

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Ooo cool! I actually need help

Wife getting jealous of Husband’s secretary being clingy to him when the wife is leaving for a trip, so she tells-off the secretary in such a way that makes the Husband embarrassed (preferably because she brought up private business inside closed doors)


A girl is lost in the woods at night and is being chased by a tall, scary person/thingy/monster


I hope this is good enough!

Mae about had it. Her husband has a secretary and she is super clingy. She called him at all hours just to talk with him, not even about work. Mae had asked her husband about it, but he always brushed it off. “It’s nothing,” he assured his wife.

The line was crossed when the secretary started talking about things that had happened between Mae and her husband when they were alone. She has shocked and angry that he told his secretary about their fight, but she was even more angry that the secretary had shared something so private. Mae know she had to confront this secretary.

So, that’s what she did. After her husband left, she called the secretary.

“Hello! Welcome to-“

“You will not talk about private business between myself and my husband. You will not continue to call my husband at all hours of the day, and you will not come to our house ever again, got it?!”

Mae hung up the phone, anger filling her veins. She took a deep breath, now it was time to wait and she what happened.

Later that night…

Mae watched as her husband’s car pulled into the driveway and her husband got out of the car. He walked to the front door and opened it.

“You’re home,” Mae stated, turning to face her husband.

“I-I am.”

“Why are you hesitating?” Mae asks.

“Why did you call my secretary?”

Mae rolled her eyes. “You know why.”

“I don’t get why you have a problem with her.”

“She’s clingy, she calls you all the time, and shares our private business, that’s why I have a problem with her!” Mae exclaimed.


“Don’t. Just don’t. I’ve said all I’m going to say.”

“As you know, I’m leaving for my vacation tomorrow,” Jean stated, getting off the couch.
She then left the room.


Woew it’s perfect!! Thanks


Of course!


So, here’s a scene that I thought about but couldn’t find an excuse to use. Its just pure dramatic irony:

Its the final battle, the hero versus the series main villain. Now for context, the main villain’s motivation is revenge for the death of his wife and two sons. The hero gives the killing blow , and as the villain is dying he realizes the hero is one of his sons who he thought had been killed.


@elixr and @Some_Kid I’ll work on both of yours today.


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Ooh. I have an idea for this. Maybe the girl being chased knows the thing chasing her?


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@Ethereal or @Tina.G do you want any scenes written out/need help with any scenes?


I have one in mind :eyes::sparkles:

But imma wait a lil so I can work out some details :pray:


ahhhhhh i can definitely give you some if you ever need any!! ^-^