Ideas You Liked on the New Ideas Thread but Never Happened

Ideas are easy to get, but I don’t know how to continue and end them.
That’s the problem with me. While writing stories too! I get a cool idea, I write the first chapter, then I don’t know how to continue it, so I leave it.


Fair. Would you like help with it?

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That’d be nice, but I don’t think I wanna create another RP. I’m already co-hosting 2-3 RPs. Though, one’s dead and the other one is prolly gonna die…

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Well, do you need help with those RPs for starters?
And if you wanted to create an SG that’s at your own pace, then I’m here to assist if you’d like.

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I- I honestly don’t know.

I know you’ll always be there for me, mommy. :pleading_face:

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Oh… okay… (looks down awkward)

Mum? I have another child? I have three now?

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very awkward

You can be another type of mommy-
No, Ira, shut up, stop flirting.