If a genie granted you infinite wishes, what would they be?

If a genie granted you infinite wishes, what would they be?

Mine would be:

  • Being skinny (not skeleton skinny) and not gain weight from eating all the junk food without feeling guilty
  • Live in a huge mansion with a big bedroom, gym, play-room for my cat
  • Have my own bubble tea bar
  • Own a veterinary
  • Fridge with loads of food so I don’t have to run to the shops every time
  • Have superpowers
  • Have loads of money
  • Travel the world alone but safely
  • Injunction against toxic family members or friends
  • Skills to write a story
  • Own a casino
  • Summon demons
  • Have the motivation to write a story
  • Delete all the painful memories and people from my life
  • Go on an adventure with my cat
  • Have my hairstyle intact
  • Peaceful world
  • Have confidence
  • Have a singing voice that doesn’t sound like a chalk board
  • Turn back time and erase all the mistakes I’ve made
  • Bring back one of my close friends who died of breast cancer :cry:
  • Be able to drive
  • Get free surgery
  • Get straight A’s.
  • Stop being so shy and nervous, and overthinking every single thing.
  • More wishes… XD

1: the ability to consetrade
2: be amazing at grammar and spelling
3:I dont know. maybe been a good artist or something


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  1. Help me to better myself, in vocabulary, thinking, driving, and other things.

  2. Keep my family n friend safe from harm until it is time for us to depart (pass)

  3. Change this evil generation that we live in. Have ppl help each other instead of bringing down. Stop all the hate, and love one another, etc.

  4. Keep our planet the way it needs to be, start planting, stop polluting, etc.

stillllll addding moreeeeee

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me tbh


It sucks having an eating disorder that causes you to feel guilty from whatever you eat or when you’re around people that would comment on what you’re eating.

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As long as there was no catches :thinking:

To have my dad back.

To be a multi millionaire, so that I would have the money to have a fresh start somewhere else, have a wonderful house and be set for life, and have plenty enough to be able to provide that lifestyle for my mom too.

To have the power to teleport. Hello!! Instant holiday at a second’s notice.

To get my dream job as a published author.

To be able to communicate with the dead.

To find my soul mate and have a family and live happily together for the rest of our lives.

To be and remain my perfect ideal weight and body shape forever, regardless of what I eat!

For me and my family members and loved ones to always be totally healthy.

For my friends to have their ideal lives.

For a peaceful world with love and respect, no harm, no war etc.

Think that’s it.


Here are my wishes.

  • To be able to actually finish a story

  • To code without being bored out of my mind

  • To be able to draw anything

  • To actually be able to flirt -_-

  • To be good at school

  • To be able to have free healthcare when I’m an adult

  • Have a stable job that I actually want after college

  • To be more confident in what I do

  • As clique as it is, be rich

  • To have college not be so expensive


if only this wou;d happen i would be shocked but very cool about it n to see my passed little bro :frowning:


I’m sorry for your loss. :heart:

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Frankly, even if genie had existed, I wouldn’t have asked from him. I admit that I once thought of it before, but I realized that I should work hard to fulfill all my wills, so it’s not anyone else’s job to make my wishes come true, but mine. I believe you should not wait for someone to fulfill our wills, but we should take action to make our wishes happen. After all, we can affect the future by our own actions.
Besides, as much as genie can grant wishes, there are things that he can’t do. And if already, maybe there is one thing that I would like to happen, but even if genie had existed, he wouldn’t have been able to fulfill it for me.

That’s all I can say.

What? :frowning:You had a little brother and he passed away?
Oh, girl, I am sorry for your loss.

  1. Infinite wishes :sunglasses: hehe!
  2. Loads of money
  3. World Peace - 0 discrimination!
  4. Fix the education system - so school is actually enjoyable + you learn important things
  5. The power to fly
  6. The power to control water
  7. The power to breathe under water
  8. Make all unhealthy food healthy so I can eat as many chips as I want :fries::fries::fries::fries:
  9. The skill for me to accurately draw anything I can imagine in my head
  10. To live in a really nice + big house

Baby, miscarriage. :sob::sob::sob: but now I have a bro whos everything to me n I will never forget my first bro.


It must have been so tough for your mother.


very. tough. for both of us.


That’s terrible! When was this? It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it.

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it was couple years ago.

I would like to get away with a few consequences… Like flying and driving as a minor. I don’t see how different a 16 & 18 year old is.

Well, then I would just wish world peace and all that jazz.

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