If a genie granted you infinite wishes, what would they be?

  • Perfect eyesight (not superhuman though)
  • To be skinnier, taller and a smaller forehead
  • To have every member of my family happy and healthy for the rest of their lives
  • A peaceful world w/out global warming etc.
  • No poverty
  • Grow up and become a psychiatrist already (with all the training and knowledge), this lack of purpose is killing me
  • Find a friend or partner in real life who knows me inside out and is always there for me and who I can talk to about anything at all and who’ll sit with me at home with ice cream and a movie if that’s what I need to do.
  • Be able to concentrate and be motivated!

Alright now I wish for money. :sunglasses::sweat_smile:

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  • To be slim
  • Be able to drive without trying to kill anyone lol
  • Not have bulimia, Complex PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Never trusted the people I opened up to
  • Have perfect eyesight
  • End political wars (whether it’s World War 3 or in general conversations)
  • To never grow up too quick
  • Lots of money
  • Breathe underwater
  • Free to do anything without rules
  • Fly
  • Good health
  • Money to buy whatever needed
  • Never age/Immortality
  • Never feel bored

To sing, time travel, be happy…

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To remove all the painful memories and toxic people that walked into my life.

For the people that I love to love me back as much as I love them. :cry:

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  • I want to look less ugly…
  • Take away my pain
  • make me an EXTROVERT
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  • I’d like to have an unlimited supply of tea, chocolate and biscuits.
  • Make my sister’s boyfriend disappear.
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You just need a knife


Wouldn’t work. :expressionless::white_heart:




What did he do

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He’s a jerk. He eats all the food in the house, insults me, stole a box of chocolates from my room and gave them to my sister as a “gift”. 🤦🤍

Besides this:

Money enough so it doesn’t have to be a concern, like just a little extra. I would probably wish to be less of a procrastinator (again being here while I should be focussing on university :grimacing:), and healthy also includes that I wouldn’t have to deal with mental issues like insecurities and depression anymore. Also, I would wish that my friends and family would have the same thing, that they are happy and healthy and don’t have to worry about money. Lastly I would wish I was a bit more creative and a better writer!

Lol, I don’t understand myself, if I would have infinite wishes it would be a shame to just leave it at that. I mean I’m usually not that selfish but if I seriously have the chance to do so I should use it and not care about feeling selfish.

My first wish would be to go to a different world, a world with superheroes or anime world.

Or I would just be happy to bring back my mom and spend more time with her, I would also like to bring back my dog Oreo and reminisce about all our past memories. I wouldn’t mind having my grandma and dad go back a few years because they are super old and grandma can barely hear me anymore. I would want to end slavery before it even started, but make sure there isn’t no negative consequences in the future. Like me never being Born. Instead I make a new timeline inside this timeline, so it would be a three timelines.

Me without the genie: Normal time line

Me with the genie: new created timeline
Me doing something else: I break the timeline and end up breaking my ‘destiny!’

So and the new timeline I wouldn’t be created but I would still be alive my body wouldn’t just disappear over time. I would also make a wish for me to be the tenth smartest person (just for I can have a challenge,) and bring technology early into the world, so in 2020 it would look way more futuristic than it does now. Afterall that I’m going to the future Bahamas and have my own harem!

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Wow he sounds like a buckfoy!

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What’s a buckfoy? :thinking::white_heart:

A f*ckboy

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Yuck. Buckfoys. :nauseated_face::white_heart:

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