If a genie granted you infinite wishes, what would they be?

  • Be a legal assassin

  • Free Netflix

  • Doing your hobbies without actually paying

  • No homework

  • No judgemental people

  • Healthy environment

  • Junk food being healthy

  • World peace

  • Some important things (water, hygiene products) be free

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  • To look more beautiful
  • To be happy and not have extra baggage
  • Cure mental illnesses
  • Travel the world
  • Become a famous lawyer with my own firm
  • Get rid of all the painful memories from my life
  • Turn back time and fix the mistakes I made
  • Fix this generation
  • Help my mother
  • Travel in time and meet Michael Jackson
  • Be a successful and great writer
  • Not criticise my work all the time
  • Reunite with the person I’m in love with and live a great life with them
  • Protect my family from harm
  • Free universities (no tuition, nothing)
  • Nicer hair. Longer, thinner, and darker
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I’m not sure…:thinking::yellow_heart:

Here’s my list of wishes:

  1. I’d want permission to be able to murder someone without consequences.

  2. I’d want books. Endless supply of books.

  3. I’d want something that’d stop me from procastinating.

  4. Money. (Because let’s face it, money does matter!)

  5. Actually finish one novel, just one except having 26293939 unfinished works.

Dear Santa, please do keep this list in mind this Christmas.

  • I’d want ny future husband to finally show up and find me, I’m in desperate need of a boyfriend :joy:
  • Enough money to do what I want without having to think about how to pay for everything and if I’ll earn enough with what I’m doing. I don’t need billions of dollars, just enough to pay a living, at least until I can earn money with what I want to do.
  • Neverending lives for my cats and my dog
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I’d wish for the ability to go through the process of becoming an animagus!

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I wish I can teleport to anywhere I go.

Uhm, just that I am happy and healthy :woman_shrugging:

Time freezes forever.

To find my soulmate or at least a good guy…

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• world peace
• end all of our world’s problems
• always have the right amount of money to pay for something
• have real friends
• find happiness
• find the meaning of life
• ban annoying humans from this planet
• get more humans to join the forums
• the perfect song that doesn’t have any weird or bad part
• the ability to talk to boys in real life
• some food would be nice too
• knowledge
• health

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Clone myself

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I have one in my mind right now:

I’d wish to have wings that could allow me to fly but can also fold back so no one will see them :eyes: :angel:

Medium large bump

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•more wishes
•lifelong friends
•to live in a country of my choosing on a farm.


A duck :pleading_face::green_heart::duck::eyes::sparkles:

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  • No more migraine headaches

  • Lots of readers, shared screenshots on Instagram, and comments about my story… #MakeMyCharactersAHouseholdName

  • To stop overthinking everything

  • A gorgeous walk-in closet where every outfit I like automatically appears in it by just picturing it in my mind

  • To spend Christmas and New Year’s with my favorite family members

  • No more crime or violence in the world

  • Beautiful cats without having to pay money for them (I know most people are #AdoptDontShop advocates, but there are certain cat breeds that I really love and I think it’s unfair that they have to cost so much)

  • To not have depression anymore

  • The house of my dreams for me and my family

  • Access to all the food that isn’t available in my country and that I want to try

  • A time machine so I can fix certain mistakes





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