If each sexuality was a color or pattern, what would it be?

This is a very interesting question. I honestly see Lesbian as pink, and gat as being blue. Yeah, I know it’s stereotyping. I see bisexuality as monochrome, and Pan sexuality is white, because every color in the world comes from white, and we(Pans) like anyone. @Artists


Idk, this usually what I associate with them if not there flag colors

Lesbian ~ green
Gay ~ ? (idk I just I’ve always just gone with the rainbow :sweat_smile:) maybe gray/ light blue?
Asexual ~ Red/ white
Pansexual ~ yellow
Demisexual ~ Purple/ Brown (Or any “comforting” color really)
Bisexual ~ Any rich orange/ Green colors


lesbian- pink

gay- (colors of the rainbow but ig) blue

Bisexual- purple

asexual - black

pansexual - white

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Asexual will always be purple for me.
Gay - red?
Bisexual - green?
Lesbian - pink (Just cuz it seems cool to reclaim a color that is always associated with girls and stuff idk how to explain this)
idk about the others lol

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Lesbian – Mint
Gay – Yellow
Ace – Gray
Bi – Pinkish-Red
Hetero – Blue
Pan – Pink

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Hmm… I’ll have to have a think about this.

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Alrighty, have had a think…

Homosexual: Coral or Peach
Heterosexual: Jade
Bisexual: Navy
Pansexual: Honey
Demisexual: Mauve
Asexual: Maroon
Greysexual: Grey with a hint of blue
Fluid: Turquoise

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I’m honey.

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Oh. Yeah

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