If/ how has RPing improved from Episode?!?

Hey Friends!

I myself have came from episode forums to here. And as most of us know, Episode had lots of RPs and RPers. But as most of us know again, back in late February Episode shut down their beautiful RP section for reasons most of us don’t know or understand. Lots of the RPers from Episode came over hear almost as soon as they heard the news. (Which is just lucky for us :wink: thanks Episode)

I for one think that this RP community is way better than Episode’s. I mean, it’s overall a lot more friendly and fun! I think Episode limited our creativity is some ways, but that’s not to say that community wasn’t good. I just think this one is better. :woman_shrugging:

So. For you? Is this RP more enjoyable/better than Episode’s? Why or why not? Do you think they are about the same? How has this one improved? How can the RP community improve more?

This poll is anonymous so please be honest!

  • It has improved
  • It is the same as Episode’s
  • It worse than Episode’s (tell us below how we can improve)

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@RPers - Sorry if you didn’t want this tag! We just want to make the RP community more enjoyable for everyone!


It’s like you vocalized and wrote down my opinion.


:joy: lol. Guess that’s good I guess.


yeah, it is, take it as a compliment


Some more relaxed rps/sgs where anyone can join without having to worry about their writing level.


I think it’d be great if it was bigger :eyes:


Believe me. This is a topic that we have discussed. :wink: :smile:


:eyes: I agree


By without worrying about writing level do you mean things such as writing tests? (I know I have a roleplay or so with a writing test), Just so I can be aware.


I think it’s improved, although things are slow now with school and loss of motivation and increase of procrastination I think it’s improved ^^’ Of course I’m a staff member, but this is a community where we’ll cater to you and your needs and try our best to make sure you all have enjoyable experiences where you can have fun and enjoy yourselves! What about you guys?? Do you think it’s an enjoyable or improved experience? If not let us know how we can fix that!!


Like on the Episode forums, we’ve had our ups and downs, but I’d say overall that RPing has definitely improved here!

Here, we don’t have to be afraid of someone coming and flagging dozens of posts just because they don’t like someone in the RP. We are supported here! There is enough support that we have staff dedicated to our RPing community. That in itself I’d say is a big improvement from when we were on the episode forums.

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It has some small improvements, though there’s been lots of inactivity because of loss of motivation and such. The forums in general is relaxed and comfortable, so the worry that you have from the EF is gone. I agree with Brooke—you have a lot more freedom here than then.

There’s also a whole staff just for this certain section, which is great and such an improvement because you can trust that we won’t get ditched anytime soon. I think this is also better because the forums is full of writers that you can trust to improve your writings, which is convenient.


Just adding a couple tags

That… happened?
At least here we know flags are actually looked at-

To be fair I think the episode forums did that same thing as well. It fluctuates.

Yeah, over there they were just, “your writign sux. stap. plz.”

@RPers do you have any things that you think have improved?



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Do you… want to name them?

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For starters, forum rules that are followed when it comes to appropriate discipline actions.

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