If someone made a movie about you

If there was a movie made about you.


  1. What would be the plot
  2. What would make them want to write about you and would this be the main focus?
  3. What do you think would be something they got wrong about your story.
  4. What’s something you think they’d get right about you?
  5. Who would you hope to play your character.
  6. What message or theme would you hope went out to the audience after watching this movie about your life.

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There would be no plot because my life is boring :star_struck:

Their incurable chronic boredom

Dear viewers, make sure to get a life :star_struck:


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What happens when you’re a walking failure :star_struck:

The main focus will be on how not to be a Hailey :cowboy_hat_face:

That I did something with my life :new_moon_with_face:

My cringe worthily embarassing moments. Basically my whole life :full_moon_with_face:

A frog :frog:

don’t eat cheese with chocolate because your life will end up like hers :relieved:

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A boring girl sleeping and eating

Them being bored and having absolutely no idea for a movie.

That I did something interesting in life.

That am boring and have brown hair and eyes.

A slug


Dear people who are watching, you truly must be desperate to watch a movie about me! Like I honestly have no life than waking up, taking a bath, going to school and the cycle goes on.

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A really lonely middle school teacher who LIKES teaching and looks forward to meeting her students.

To show that not all teachers hate Mondays, are mean and rude to their students, can’t survive without wine, and assign truckloads of homework. (I still hate grading and most staff meetings, though, and one of the stereotypical teacher things I do is drink coffee. :rofl: :rofl:)

They probably think that I’m the teacher from the memes that wishes she could wear sweatpants to work and never wears makeup. Not me!
Or that my students are monsters… I have had groups like that in the past but not all of them.

I’m thinking that they’d have me coming into class, smiling, wearing a sunflower dress and spend a few minutes at the beginning or end of class just listening to what the kids have to say.
Well, we do have to wear uniforms to school, but if we didn’t, I’d totally rock that sunflower dress. :sunflower: :sunflower:

It would have to be a petite actress that looks like she could be in her mid-30s… not too skinny nor too overweight; brown eyes, dark eyebrows, and light blonde hair… do you know of anyone that looks similar to me?

That if you don’t love your job, you should get a new one.


You have one :triumph: you’re just in the beginning of the story.

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I’d love to see how much more boring it can get :star_struck:

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You might be surprised to see a big plot twist :triumph:
Besides who ever got hurt eating all day :sunglasses:
Being lazy is a spa day for free.

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I’d sue.

More seriously: No one would ever make a movie about me. They’d make movies about everyone around me. I’m a recurring minor character in a franchise, not the MC :smiley:


I’d sue too but I’d probably be dead :flushed:
Also this situation just your backstory :sunglasses:

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Failed friendships and my love life? That gets complicated and fun, I’d watch it
A teen in high school
Missed chances

Maybe my feelings and personality? I’m not sure, I think it would be really easy to get everything right

I’d say most things. How I am towards people

It has to be a teen so Millie Bobby Brown
I love that girl, I think she would fit perfectly

That you can’t always get what you want, not everything works out and that’s fine, something better will always wait for you