If you had a kid, what's the most important thing you would teach them?🦋

I think mine would be to be honest even if it’s hard, just to be truthful to others and especially to themselves.

What about y’all?


Mental health is fine to talk about its nothing to hide. (hell I even have to explain my alters to them when their older. They are smart little b*ggers they know when something isn’t the mummy they are used to)


that’s so true

Also, to be kind to everyone


After working at a camp for spoiled rich kids over the summer I would 100% say respect and gratefulness

The way that some of the kids I worked with would talk back to me and the other counselors was surprising and incredibly rude

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To be themselves, not care about what others think about them, but just be whoever they are :woman_shrugging:



idk i always flinch at these questions like you aint know me like you do but these stalker bxtches dont.

probably communication tho



like ~ ya kno

is confused

To be kind to everyone, to make their own opinions instead of just believing something because I or other people believe it, and that their worth as human beings is intrinsic and remains the same regardless of their appearance or anything about them as people or anything that they do.


OH, yall are the stalker bxtches, you reading this thread, yes

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To always help someone in need without judging the person in need. Because one good act of kindness can change a lot of lives.

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Honesty, respect, kindness, to always do their best, all those things.

I don’t know enough to say this but probably to learn to love themselves. Because loving yourself always comes before loving other people, it’s hard to love other people if you don’t love yourself. And the second most important thing would be to try to be open to other people and their opinions even if you don’t agree.

Cherish every breath. You never know when it will be taken from you. Also, love, because you never know…that person could be gone the next day.

that your WAP is for jesus only.

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I’m an Atheist :joy: