If you were in a band what music would you play?

As somebody who has been in a band I know that I would be best suited to rock/metal. I was in a pop punk band which was fun though and I would happily do that!

What about you guys?


Probably indie, I’d really like that!

depends on the bandmates really i like a lot of stuff

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Alternative/rock/emo/maybe metal

Rock/alternative/pop punk

I feel most comfortable around those genres and I feel they’d be most fun to be a part of!

Jazz fusion, it’s such a cool genre. Probably a bass guitarist, keyboardist, or drummer.

Maybe a mixture of metal, rap, pop…idk. I’d probably be a crazy vocalist :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. I’d probably be in a duo with my cat and meow at everything :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Alternative or anything like that –

just revenge on repeat

pop punk sounds rad to perform :eyes:

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It is :eyes:

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being in a band sounds rad in general

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Then grab an instrument bro you can be in mine

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what if i still can’t play any instruments :pleading_face:

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Well what we’ll do
Is give you a tambourine

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sounds like something i could learn :thinking:

hits trirngle ting.


My answer is still the same, indie rock!
But pop-punk would be cool too