If your parents hated your SO would you ditch them or carry on with them despite the protests?🦋

I personally would never ever let my mum ruin something like that for me.
It’s my life and my relationships I’m not 3 anymore I don’t think my mum should have a say in the matter

What do you guys think? I know many people value their family opinion a lot, would that make any difference?


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Happened when I was 18 I started staying over his, not wanting to be stuck around my mum and but of a stepfather. My mother hated him so much back then she thought he was a bad influence and would be pregnant before I finished my foundation degree. She wasn’t wrong. Though I found out I was pregnant during the last month of uni. I had no intention of leaving him at the time and still don’t.

She has now warmed up to him and thinks being with him is a great thing for me. She keeps praising him.


Like my parents should have any say in my relationships :joy: If I married a girl, they can’t stop me lmao

Unless my SO is toxic or rude to my parents, idgf what they think


I think it would really depend on why they hated them, but it’s not that important to me

It depends if the person ends up being a bad influence or not.

I think it depends. I do appreciate my parents’ opinion but I don’t think I would ever let them affect my love life. I would hear them out and try to understand why they feel like that, but at the end of the day, that’s my decision to make.

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My mum always had a keen eye for this kinda thing, so I trusted her. My dad stays out of my love life so I don’t really get the protests or even really discussions anymore :joy: All I get is trust and support