I'm Confused On This

I’m confused about this. My most successful story on Episode has over 1K reads, but my coding is a mess!

The Story's Title

Save Me

The Story's Description

Anna’s somebody who’s been the victim of the loss of a loved one. She’s been through lots of things including being abused. All she want is to be saved. The question is: Will she?

Story's Cover

Can someone give me some insight on how it’s possible with my horrendous coding it has THAT many reads?

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Interesting premise, good title, the animation doesn’t have to win any awards for a story to be considered “good”


If the storyline is good, people might not care about the coding


I really hope this isn’t offensive or anything but I’ve seen like a lot of other stories like that description. A lot of stories kinda use the trope of someone “saving” an MC. I haven’t read your story but a good title and description can get people and a good storyline of course. Cliches do well also which you kinda have from the description (again haven’t read the story). You really should see the amount of episode stories that have cliche storylines, bad spelling and grammar, horrible directing, yet have millions of reads on Episode!

What I’m attempting to say here is that there’s an audience for the type of story you put out.


Good point, but,

The story is more about the MC adapting to her new life afterward. Don’t know if it’s implied.


Well good on you for not following the cliche then! But the description kinda makes it sound a bit cliche which gets people to click on it, then they stay for the storyline.


Hey! So I think it’s because it catches your attention though if you ever need help, let me know. I might be able to help you fix it up.


Trust me, it’s more on plot then the coding and grammar that the episode audience care about. I mean have you tried to read that 200+ vampire story? The grammar is so bad in the first two episodes. I didn’t make it past that part.

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Best thing to do is clean up the grammar and the bad directing. Let me know if you need help.

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