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I'm stepping down as head

So, a number of you will be aware of the current situation of the forums, you can read more on that here, I want to make it clear that this desicion for me has been on my mind for a little while due to some frustrations and feeling like no matter what we tried or what I did the activity wasn’t going anywhere.

I lost my love and motivation towards this place, I even just straight up encouraged Shannii to shut this place down without rebranding when she asked my opinion, I still stand by that in all honesty due to a number of reasons which aren’t even personal, but the decisions have already been made there and any disagreements or misgivings I have towards it are no longer my place to say. I just want to be transparent and let you know what I thought on that situation.

But I’ll probably still pop my head in from time to time I just won’t be a staff member anymore which is perfectly fine by me, I’m stepping down because I can no longer pour the energy into the forums that I currently am doing, I don’t even run the social media pages anymore.

Anyway, I’m an open book and perfectly fine with answering any and all questions just bare in mind I’ll be 100% honest in my answers.



I have noticed that it’s not super active


I’m going to miss you Ellie, seeing your little profile bubble always made me happy :upside_down_face:


You’ll probably still see it around :joy: well, unless the forum closes or I just no longer feel inclined to come on


I hope to see you soon :slight_smile:


Have a cookie :cookie:

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