In the Woods Outfit Contest

Hey guys! It’s time for another outfit contest. Yesterday’s Episode art release was [Limelight] In the Woods, which gave us new clothing and backgrounds!

As per usual, you have until Wednesday to join this competition. This week, you have to use two items from the new update. You can only use one image, and use the outfits and the image to create a scene/story behind it.

The winner is decided by a community vote, and the winner gets their outfit featured on the forums instagram account plus bragging rights for a week! :grin: :rainbow: :unicorn:

Enjoy the contest, and happy designing! :rainbow: :unicorn:

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@OutfitContest - Final reminder!

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Okay, um, I don’t really know if this counts as an entry, 'cause he’s not wearing any of the clothes from the update, but hey, I used the waterfall bg sooo :kissing:

Without Filter

With Filter

Idk why but I thought @ethereal would like seeing a nakey hansum man :laughing:

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@OutfitContest - Time to vote! The poll will close at this time tomorrow!

Vote for you two favourite entries

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WOAH! So many entries this week. LOVE it!

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The winner of this contest is…



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thank u!!!


Closed due to inactivity and as the results have been announced