Inspiring Teachers

Have any of your teacher inspired you?

One of my teachers inspired me but that only lasted for a short time :sweat_smile: I never really looked up to my teachers so I guess that’s why they were never really inspirational to me. Does anyone have different experiences? :smile_cat:


In middle school I had the wisest history teacher, actually the wises person I’ve ever met! He was such a nice person and would teach us how to be good and polite more than history haha. He would always encourage us to do things and travel as much as we can because that’s the ultimate way of learning!


Yeah, I got inspired by 4 of my high school teachers. One of them has been like the class advisor of my class for 3 years and he kinda helped me a lot, he always noticed when something was off with anyone in his class and really started a conversation about it, it was like a save place and I had some serious conversations with him 4/5 times in these 3 years…

Another teacher who inspired me was my biology teacher in the last 1.5 years, since 2nd class the biology teachers were terrible and we didn’t really learn anything so we were far behind when he joined our school, but he managed to prepare us for the exams while also really creating a personal bond with the students.

The 3rd one was my physics and mathematics teacher, he helped me through a lot with these courses and like gave me extra help and did as much as possible so I would graduate. In general he was an amazing teacher and one of the very few who just had the class quiet because everyone was listening!

Lastly my Spanish teacher from the 4th year, she was the supervisor of my graduation project basically, she spent so much time on it and helped me quite a bit and she was just a genuinely nice person and we had so much fun in her classes.

Funny thing I’m just realizing, in the last 3 years of high school I only had 3 female teachers, the rest was all male :joy:


History teachers are almost always inspiring tbh :eyes::eyes::green_heart:



None of my teachers inspire me smh :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Idk but maybe some of them give me motivational words but they don’t inspire me :joy:



The day one of my teacher’s inspire me, I’m gonna have an aneurysm or maybe a heart attack or stroke or maybe all of them because my teacher’s are dry as fudge.

Like half of them don’t speak good English, pronounce easy words horribly and I’m pretty sure one of them doesn’t have a teaching license/degree. They are so archaic when it comes to technology and they demand respect by bullying us, well most of them anyway(I’m looking at you Miss Victoria). Like if you send me out of your class for sneezing or asking who has a spare pencil or sharpener, then I won’t find you inspiring.



This made my laugh so hard :rofl: :rofl:


:joy: :joy: :joy:

I’ve always wondered why they hire teachers who don’t speak good English. Especially in schools where English is taught as a second language. I’ve worked with teachers that had an awful pronunciation and didn’t use the correct phrasal verbs… for example, ‘take decisions’ instead of ‘make decisions’. Or ‘put attention’ instead of ‘pay attention’. And some of them even speak Spanish to the kids when giving instructions.

The technology thing is definitely annoying, considering that it’s necessary in order to enhance students’ experience in the classroom. Teachers should be obligated to take a course on the basics at least. And I hate when people bully others but demand respect just because they’re an authority figure. This also applies to principals who embarrass teachers in front of the kids.

What?? My nephew Emiliano wouldn’t last a day in that class because he sneezes every day, especially when the weather is cold or humid.


Like they don’t even give motivational speeches.

Aww but you’re right, he wouldn’t last a day. She sees sneezing as a form f distraction and the moment you do it you have a demerit (these are what our school uses to keep up good behaviour) or you’re sent out of class. Then you serve detention for disrupting the class or face the disciplinary committee.

That’s all I ask. Most of them don’t know how to use the projectors in class and when you try correcting them you’re being rude.

I don’t like this. Yes us kids like to see our teachers reprimanded once in a while but when you drag the teacher through the mud it just becomes pitiful and uncomfortable.

I don’t just get it and in my school, English is taught as a first language. Our English teacher forces a British accent and she slurs over her words and it’s just a trainwreck.


Hm… I’m sure there have been some inspiring moments… but I can’t remember that at the moment. I’ll try to think about it!


I think my Physics teacher was kind of inspiring? Thinking about it, she was the only teacher who I really liked because she didn’t listen to what the other teachers said about us students. And she understood us and tried to make the classes really interesting. And she followed her dreams, even if it was difficult. She once asked us to help her make an application video for a summer workshop she wanted to go to and she really got in although there were many others wo tried the same! I think that was kind of inspiring

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